Host On Nomacasa

We believe remote work doesn’t have to exclusively take place indoors, but can instead be improved with access to the great outdoors

What We Offer

A Focus On Professionals

We're laser-focused on targeting working professionals, entrepreneurs, and digital nomads. Our goal is to fill your home with productive stays instead of parties.

Impressive Marketing Reach

Our team has a breadth of experience in hospitality marketing, with digital media holdings that reach millions of unique viewers each month. Hosts that join Nomacasa early can expect outsized features in these publications.

Free Professional-Grade Photography

Each host that's approved on Nomacasa is eligible for a free gallery of 100+ professional-quality photos. If you're interested, we'll coordinate dates, then send a photographer free of charge.

Increased Occupancy On Midweek Bookings

By curating a platform towards digital nomads, remote workers, and entrepreneurs, Nomacasa is able to target an audience that's not traditionally limited to weekend-travels only – helping to boost your midweek bookings.

What We Look For

Access To The Great Outdoors

At Nomacasa, we believe the best way to find inspiration is by getting out of the ordinary. With that in mind, we favor homes with close proximity to exceptional outdoor areas.

Unique Spaces & Amenities

Guests on Nomacasa seek an escape from the average workspace. Homes with unique design, inspiring aesthetics, and enticing amenities are strongly favored.

Multiple Working Areas

Standing desks, kitchen tables with power outlets nearby, or cozy book nooks to let your creativity blossom. For every home, we expect to see at least two compelling work areas, even better if your property features a mix of both indoor and outdoor work areas.

Strong Wifi

Properties need to have a solid wifi connection capabale of supporting multiple devices streaming at once, with ample cellphone service as an added bonus.